API for analysis syntactic and semantic analysis of unstructured Text

With our proven and tested technologies we developed a software system for unstructured Text.

Our software system analyses natural language text, based on a morpho-syntactic and syntactic analysis and uses a semantic lexicon for Domain-specific semantic analysis.

We offer an API-access for our partners an to integrate the analysis in your process.


The system is used in context of:

  • social media monitoring
  • unstructured Text analysis for Business Intelligence
  • realtime customer feedback
  • sentiment analysis of newsfeeds

There are different methodes and approaches for different domains and goals.



We give you expert advice. Let's talk:


Karl Hartmann +49 (0) 341 355 21 87-4

Case study Twitter analysis

TIQ.Solutions GmbH

Our partner TiQ-Solutions implements our API in to the Business Intelligence System and Reporting-System QlikView for e.g. a Twitter analysis.

QlikView is a BI platform based on in-memory associative technology with an attractive user interface.

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